My Story

I started this blog for those who have not yet cured themselves, for those who believe in your truest potential and for those who want their souls to come alive. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in early 2014. Unfortunately that diagnosis has not been the answer to my health issues. In the past three years I have been through such trials on my journey to find a cure and beat UC. 

I'm passionate about health. Although I've followed countless diets, I listen to my body and eat real food. I lean towards paleo, autoimmune paleo protocol, and vegan.  I'm currently studying to become a Nutritionist in Integrative and Functional Nutrition and a Integrative Wellness Coach! I cannot wait to share my love of health and wellness with clients!

Follow me as I share personal stories, recipes, wellness facts, and overall positivity! My passion for empowering and supporting individuals will never stop! I just believe that we all have opportunities for change if we just listen!

Whether you are looking for new wellness tips, people who inspire, or just want to read about my journey, you will find it here.