How I keep sane and create my own support

Let me just say how hard it can be to be your own support through trying times. If you ever experienced anything that seems impossible to overcome (but most likely overcame) than you did whatever it took to get through it. Unfortunate experiences such as health issues, financial, family and friends easily gets overwhelming and can feel devastating with no end in sight. But, the beauty of any struggle is that if you listen up you can learn from it and also have a “self-care toolkit” to get you through. Everyone has their own ways to get through difficult circumstances so please share below!!!


1.  RECOGNIZING AND ACKNOWLEDGING WHAT IS HAPPENING: To me this is important! You can’t be denial of what is happening in your life, you need to be aware and mentally acknowledge it. I write it out in my journal. You can speak it out loud. The main point is to address what is happening first and foremost.

2.  Meditate Daily: I wake up and immediately meditate. I switch between an app and Youtube. My current fave is a Reiki meditation for healing and forgiveness. If you are new to meditating, don’t worry, it will take awhile to get used to. I prefer guided meditations because I’m able to focus and I like to journal for a few minutes after the meditation. I center myself for the day and set intentions of what I will do.

3.  Have fun! In times when I feel very down, I make sure to do things that make me happy. My personal favorites are baths, music, dancing, lighting candles and incense, and baking! You have feelings to release and work through and having fun doing what YOU love and what YOU want to do can feel empowering. When you do what you love make sure to make note of it. Your own body and mind changes just like everything else in life and sometimes things that used to work for me, just don’t anymore and I actually love when I discover something new about myself. The key is to LISTEN and really tap into yourself and then things start coming easier and making sense.

4.  Ask for forgiveness from those you have hurt and have hurt you: This really calls to situations involving other people. At times we see ourselves as the victim or as someone who needs the apology. We can’t forget that even in those times we may have hurt someone, and you can ask for forgiveness in whatever way feels comfortable to you. I do it during meditations.

5.  Learn to love yourself without feeling lonely: This one is HUGE for me! I love to be alone and also I love my own company! But at times when I felt very down when I was alone I automatically felt “lonely” which would spiral into self-doubt and judgement. I would begin to tell myself very negative things about my own self as to why I was “alone”. You have to love yourself first. Once you love yourself, you will begin to see who should be in your space out of love, not loneliness.