My top Paleo-friendly restaurants in the Bay Area

Prior to my paleo days, I was a huge foodie! I was obsessed with every blog and website for new restaurants. I constantly ate out and ate good! I’m thankful I can actually tolerate being able to dine out. It’s not something we often think about but I know I am so grateful that I can. Food is a social connection that we make with people. We create memories around food! Anyway, here are my favorite spots in the SF Bay Area that I love to grab a bite. Most are paleo-friendly or gluten-free, and some are just places I know I’m safe with eating at. Hope you all enjoy :) 


Roam Artisan Burger  

Farmer's Market Salad

I would eat here before my paleo days so I was really excited knowing I still can! I usually get a grass-fed beef burger and a salad or their seasonal veggies and my guilty pleasure-THE FRIES (fried in rice bran oil)! I definitely go all out at Roam and order the gluten-free bun! If you make it there, make sure to get some of their kombucha on tap! 


Little Gem

I literally waited for Little Gem to open after reading about it on EaterSF. I went and to be honest I was really disappointed. That was their first opening week! I really built up too much expectation! I went back and I was completely impressed! The food was delicious and the service was friendly and professional. Since the menu changes frequently, I’m loving their Korean bowl right now with bulgogi and white rice! It’s amazing!! They also do brunch!

Little Gem


As Quoted

I love this place! It’s super cute and quaint! Everything I’ve had on the menu was delicious! Clean, fresh, and tasty! I personally get their Turmeric latte with coconut oil. Oh and make sure to grab their Chinese Chicken Salad on the way out, thank me later!!!!

As Quoted


Mission Heirloom

If paleo and aip folks had a heaven, it would be this beautiful restaurant in Berkeley, CA. Two words: Turmeric Tonic. Paleo products are all over this café, along with take out options of pretty much their whole menu!

Empanadas at Mission Heirloom
Spring Rolls at Urban Remedy

Urban Remedy is a plant-based organic food company. I fell in love with their Mint Chip Smoothie (it’s like drinking a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie). Then I went on to eat their Macro Bowl (favorite) and Spring Rolls. They have desserts, juices, tonics, shots, smoothies, and so much more! I treat myself here on warm days with a smoothie and salad. Who wants to join me next time?


Farmhouse Thai Kitchen

This is definitely a hidden gem from most people I know and I almost didn’t want to share it on this list haha! But who would I be if I didn’t share! I love thai food and this place hits the spot. It’s a FUN experience here for dinner! I went to their Thai New Year celebration earlier this year and had the most amazing time! This place does not disappoint. I bring my favorite folks here! They have a gluten-free menu, not full paleo but if you are okay with it, you can make it work! This is a treat for me for sure!!!

Table at Farmhouse Kitchen
Mariposa Bakery

This is a dedicated gluten-free bakery with two locations. One in the SF Ferry Building and their full bakery and café in Oakland. I love their Oakland location. My sister loves their tuna melt (dairy but delicious) and I love their steak sandwich. They have a lot of baked goods so caution!

Green Heart Foods Café

Green Heart Foods

I just discovered this place last week and was really excited that I did! I was having an off day and this completely changed my mood! Or maybe I was hungry! Either way their Maple Tahini Oat Cookie (vegan, gluten-free) did for sure! They also make a bomb Turmeric latte with cashew milk.