Setting Intentions for the New Year

I feel like towards the end of every year we hear people talk about how the next year will be “their year” in addition to talking about resolutions that will usually not happen or easily be given up on.


For me, I love to reflect. I do it daily in my journal but I tend to reflect on feelings. If you want to learn about yourself and what you don’t want to bring into the new year, then reflecting is a good start.


First, grab some paper and a pen and set aside time to write. Make sure you won’t be interrupted so that you can have time to truly reflect.


Set the tone: I like to burn incense and turn on my salt lamp and play some music. Anything goes here, so make sure to get comfortable


Focus: Start by thinking of events/experiences/moments that happened throughout the year starting with the very beginning of the year. Write everything that comes to mind, include fun moments/people you met even if those people aren’t in your life at this moment. All of it matters!!!


Reflect: After you are done, really reflect on the last year. Give yourself time to reflect. It’s almost like reading someone else’s story so enjoy it. Read it aloud or read it to yourself. Have fun and try to relive them.


More writing: I know! it seems like a lot but it’s not. After you wrote down the moments of 2016 that happened to you, write down lessons learned next to each moment. Don’t judge yourself for anything that happened in the past year. Just write what you have and can learn from each experience.


Setting new intentions: Instead of resolutions like losing weight or not calling you ex. Setting intentions is different. You are setting what you intend to manifest towards your goals, dreams, and overall life. Here are some examples:


I intend to love.

I intend to forgive others, and myself.

I intend to make exercise a part of my life for my health.


After you set your intentions, say them aloud or to yourself during meditation or just use them as meditation statements everyday as these intentions will evolve.

Here’s to the new year!!!!! I wish you a happy, healthy, and safe new year!!!