Leaf by Bellabeat Review




Do any of you own a fitness tracker? I was never the type to want to get into this hype of fitness trackers. Why? Because I always like to think of myself as old school or hmm should I say cheap?! Haha! As a virgo, I really think through before purchasing anything. This requires LOTS of online reading and searching for cheaper and alternatives. What can I say, my mama raised me smart!


Ok so let’s get down to it! I found the Leaf by Bellabeat scrolling down IG and at first glance thought it was a gorgeous piece of jewelry. But I quickly read the caption (NOTE: I read captions!), and saw that it was a fitness tracker. Hell yea! I needed to know more about this thing so I went to Google and googled the shit out of what I could find! Hours later and I was hooked! I needed this in my life! I decided I would buy it for a Christmas present to myself to start the new year off right! (we’ll talk resolutions when the time comes). But lucky me, I was gifted this beauty on my birthday just a few short weeks later! I’ve been wearing the leaf for a week now and here are my thoughts:


First and foremost: You have to download the Bellabeat app and easily sync it with your Leaf as you wear it. It’s a easy app. You sign up and connect your leaf and tracking begins. I also am not the type of person to wear any kind of jewelry to sleep. My sleep is serious business and the only thing I use is a sleep mask. So if you are worried about it feeling uncomfortable or bulky, don’t worry it didn’t for me and I got used to it around the second day.


STRESS: My number one reason for getting the Leaf is because I really wanted to see how it would track my stress. Chronic stress is a constant battle for me and I try very hard to find ways to relieve that stress and cope with it. I thought if I had a number to even quantify my stress, it would help me through my journey. I was amazed to see my stress being tracked in percentages. One day my level was as high as 49%! That scared the shit out of me! I seriously need to calm the f*** down!

SLEEP: I love how it tracks my sleep. It also shows you that you were distracted/up in the middle of the night. The app tells you how many hours of sleep you got and let’s you confirm and/or change to the appropriate time if need be.


ACTIVITY: It gives you the option of syncing with your iphone health tracker as well. You can add a specific activity you did such as yoga. Otherwise it tracks your steps, miles and calories. This to me was a good start to see how much activity I am actually doing throughout the day but I also made sure to add in my workout.


PERIOD TRACKING: Okay, this is obviously for the ladies because it tracks your menstrual cycle. It will get to know your cycle and predict your next three cycles while also noting your fertile days and ovulation.


MEDITATE/MINDFULNESS: This is my second most favorite part about the Leaf. There are built in mindfulness exercises on the app that you can do. They range from body scans to breathing exercises. The time on them ranges as well. I have my own meditation exercises that I already incorporate in my life but this is a great addition especially on the go. You can do a quick breathing exercise on your commute!


Overall, my first impression of the Leaf has been a good one. I’m not blown away by it just yet but I think as time goes on I will easily get attached to my Leaf and the app. I thought one issue would be that I would start forgetting to sync the Leaf and eventually stop wearing it but that hasn’t been the case. I really do enjoy wearing it. It also doesn’t hurt that it doesn’t look cheap (it shouldn’t because it’s pretty pricey to me) and it compliments the wardrobe without being overly fancy or too fitness-y (yea I make up words).


Let me know if any of you have one and what you think of it! I would love to know and if you don’t, do you own other fitness trackers?