Essentials for Your Room/Home

My favorite home essentials


No matter where you live, filling your home or room (or both if you can afford to live in the Bay Area J) with things that make you feel comfortable and increase your quality of life are essential to living a happy and healthier lifestyle! Don’t think it’s overrated because you want your home/room to be a place of solitude. These few essentials are for improving air quality and overall mood in your room!


Himalayan Salt Lamp: the benefits are endless for this salt lamp. Basically they are salt rock(s) with a bulb in them. Salt lamps are known for clearing the air, which makes them beneficial for improving indoor air quality. They may improve allergies but there are no studies to prove that. However, the salt lamp makes for an amazing night light, radiating a warm, orange glow.


Air Purifier: I cannot live without this! If you choose to invest in any of my essentials, the air purifier is the most beneficial in my opinion. It removes pollutants from the air. Especially if you suffer from allergies or asthma, it can be very helpful in reducing those symptoms. Make sure to get a HEPA filter, which helps clear dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke. The one I have has a timer on it and different settings so that I’m able to set it before I leave for the day.


Essential Oil Diffuser: I’m obsessed with mine!! Who doesn’t like the smell of a spa aka your home (choose lavender for that!). I use mine daily and put a mixture of my favorite essential oils in it. Most have their own timer that automatically turns off after 4 -6 hours. If I have small headaches, I put peppermint oil and often feel better. This one is more of an investment because you have to get essential oils but a little goes a long way!