Experience the Energy Vortex (Sedona, AZ)

Last week I spent my time in Arizona. One of the goals on my list was to visit the beautiful town of Sedona. It was about 3 hours from Phoenix. So I made sure to have a whole day of it. It took awhile but it was worth it times a million. I could look at those red rocks for hours on end.


Let’s get into it. An energy vortex is supposed to be a sacred spot on Earth that either energy enters into or projecting out of the Earth’s plane. Before I went, I made sure to read about the vortexes. They say when you truly enter a vortex you can feel the energy. Other places in the world known for having energy vortexes include Machu Picchu in Peru, The Great Pyramids in Egypt, and Stonehendge.


After getting lost then finally being directed to one of the vortexes, I was ready to get out of the car. I already had plans to pray and meditate and didn’t bring my phone specifically up there (the images are from around the vortex). The hike up was gorgeous! I wanted so badly to be completely alone but I had to of course settle so I found a spot in the center enough that no one bugged me.



I closed my eyes and took this all on. I felt the energy and I felt extreme gratitude flowing in and through my body. Although all of Sedona is considered to be an energy vortex. But there are designated spots that are believed to have a powerful impact on one’s spiritual development. As you experience Sedona, you can’t miss signs all over the place that point to “healers, shamans, and psychics”. Many of them you can pay to do healing work with you on the red rocks or the vortexes.


I experienced an immense amount of energy and hope. As I become more spiritually connected, I can feel closer to God everyday. I prayed. I appreciated. I thanked. And I meditated. I took in all of that energy to feel closer to myself and create hope. Often times, fear rules my thoughts and I doubt my abilities without even trying. Hope allows me to use all of my experiences good or bad for strength and self-development.


Sedona is breathtaking and feels like a bubble. I felt very protected in that space. When you go to the vortex, make sure to find a place at least with some sort of solace. Come in mind with whatever spiritual practice you intend to do. Don’t rush the experience, take it all in then take your pictures. Meditate, pray, or just tune in to the energy. You may experience all sorts of feelings.


If you visit Sedona, or have already please leave a comment about your experience or anything else you’d like to ask or share.