DIY Rose Water

My skin used to be flawless all through my teenage years and then when inflammation hit, my skin took the same hit. It’s definitely changed and has been a huge struggle of mine but I’ve learned some tips to calm my skin. When I get stressed, I start picking at my face and we all know that’s the worst thing to do. So I try not to. Aloe and rose have been my two skin saviors. Let’s start with rose water. Rose water has many beneficial properties that I’ll get into in a second. I started using Heritage Rose Petal water about twice a day on my skin to refresh and then calm my skin at night. My skin felt amazing. It’s interesting because as I notice what works for my skin, I also notice the cultural connection. Rose water was traditionally used in Egypt and Cleopatra would use it in her skin regime! So feel free to feel like a freaking QUEEN!


I had a few dozen of whole-trade roses and I thought how perfect it would be to make some DIY rose water! So what are the benefits of rose water? Here are some:


-Rose water helps to hydrate and revitalize your skin

-Antioxidant properties help to strengthen skin cells and skin tissues

-Anti-inflammatory properties helps calm the skin (especially from redness) and this includes relief from skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and acne.

-It can also help with mild scalp inflammation and be sprayed directly on your scalp and hair

-The aroma itself can help to calm anxiety and natural uplift you as a bonus!!

 (credit to: Aashna Ahuja and her article)


Okay, let’s make some rose water!


Step 1: Clean the roses. I used about 7-8 roses. You can use any color. I also realized my rose water would not come out a pretty light pink since the color of my roses were white and pinkish. So if you want the traditional rose color then make sure to get pink roses. Go ahead and take the rose petals apart and clean them under water in a colander like below.


Step 2: Use distilled water and fill up a pot deep enough. You need enough water to just cover the petals. Turn on the stove to start the process.


Step 3: Bring your pot to a boil and cover your pot (it took at least 20 mins for mine). A good indicator is to look at the color of the water, the more color the more you know it’s ready.


Step 4: Strain the water into clean and sanitized glass mason jars OR let your rose water cool and put them in spray bottles (for hair and face).


Done! It’s so easy and really fun. I keep mine in the refrigerator to keep longer. Let me know what you think and comment if you love making rose water or will try this!!! Happy DIY-ing!