Easy Lentil Soup

Super Simple Lentil Soup

This lentil soup recipe is originally from my Tatah’s (grandma in Arabic) recipe. It’s a really simple recipe with a few ingredients and cheap to make. Make sure to top it with some fresh squeezed lemon juice and eat it with pita bread (have an extra bite for me since I don’t eat gluten). I think I miss pita bread the most since going gluten-free. There’s just things I admit do not taste good as “gluten-free”. I don’t miss gluten in general, I just miss being able to enjoy traditional meals I grew up eating that I won’t bother to recreate as paleo. But I’ve seen some pretty good recipes out there. I used to cook like a crazy person and that’s when I should have documented it all with pics, recipes, etc but I was also extremely sick the past few years and so I didn’t think to do that. Otherwise this blog and my instagram would have been way more food centered.

Okay enough of ranting! Here is the recipe and look I remembered to take some pictures AS I ACTUALLY COOKED in the process! Enjoy!



·      1 cup orange/red lentils, rinsed

·      3-4 cups water or veggie broth (depending on how much liquid you want in your soup)

·      half an onion, diced

·      ½ tsp cumin

·      salt to taste

·      1 tbsp olive oil



1.     Place the olive oil in the soup pot

2.     Heat on medium heat

3.     Dice the onion and place in pot, cook onions until fragrant (1-2 mins)

4.     Add the lentils and saute for (2 mins)

5.     Add the salt & cumin

6.     Add the water or broth

7.     Allow to boil, then simmer for about 35 mins or until lentils are soft

8.     Enjoy with lemon and pita bread!