Cashew Snack Balls

Cashew Snack Balls



1 cup cashews

½ cup dates

1 scoop collagen

¼ cup One Degree Sprouted Oat Vanilla Chai Granola (or any other granola or oats desired)

1 tsp cinnamon

½ tsp salt

chocolate chips as desired




1.     Soak dates (unpitted) in bowl with warm to hot water for at least 15mins

2.     Grind cashews in the food processor until desired consistency

3.     Add dates and pulse in with cashews

4.     Add cinnamon, salt, and collagen and granola

5.     Pulse until a smooth texture

6.     Place mixture in bowl and add desired amount of chocolate chips

7.     Mix all together, roll in medium sized balls and freeze overnight.


Note: These balls can get very sticky and/or soft. It depends how you like them! I refrigerated some overnight and froze some. I liked the refrigerated ones since I prefer less chewing. You can also play with the ingredients. These are fun for quick snacks or pick me up dessert and super easy to bring to friends and family! Enjoy!