Stuck in Thoughts

I know deep down I’m meant to inspire others. People who have felt like the world is against them. But you’re a fighter and you know that you can fight hard. Being given this hard to explain but given to me as a blessing, autoimmune condition is a blessing in disguise over and over again. It’s something I have to practice day in and day out. I have to practice speaking those words, thinking the words, and feeling those words. To fight the urge to not to want to constantly FIGHT your condition is easier said than done. For sure, I have my moments. Why? Why me? Why not me? In those moments of pain, I have to remember who I am, how strong I am. I can’t give up on myself. It takes so much vulnerability and courage to change your whole lifestyle and build the life you want as the person you want. It can feel very lonely, very scaring, and sad. But it also forces me to reflect on myself and do a lot of mental work to become the person I want to be. It takes forgiving yourself, it takes selfishness, it takes sacrificing, and it takes a lot of accountability towards yourself. At times you may feel like a failure, like you’ve tried everything, and you just want to give up, but you don’t. 

I still don’t know exactly all of my career plans but I know I will be inspiring people who struggle throughout this journey of change. I plan to talk about how uncomfortable it can be. It’s bigger than nutrition to me. Personally, I know there is purpose behind experiences in your life and you must pay attention to those signs. Those signs are telling you something and it is up to you to accept that or resist it. 

It takes truly wanting something more than you can ever imagine to keep yourself going daily in those moments. In times of “failure” view it as opportunity to see things different. In my life I’ve seen people give up during those moments and not see the opportunity that awaits them. Maybe they think they don’t have a calling or a passion. However, not every ‘breakthrough’ moment is a life changing experience. You don’t have to get “sick” or have something unfortunate happen in your life as a ‘wake up call’. There are plenty of signs around you daily that most people ignore. 

One of my dreams is to host circles and workshops where people can truly share their experiences and own them in their own way in a safe space. As that time in my life will happen I will continue to work towards it like it will happen. Believe in yourself because no one else will!