My journey with FMT Clinical Trial

       Ever since I left the hospital from my first severe flare up in July, I haven’t felt the same. Both emotionally and physically, I’ve felt worse than I have in my whole entire life. I felt very sad. I was determined to get into remission. I started working with an intuitive healer in July and I recently stopped working with her in the last week or so. Overall, she really gave me sense of where I should be with my health and did help me tremendously. But, after many attempts to ultimately “heal” me, the fit just didn’t seem like it was something that was going to happen. I was devastated. I’ve been to so many types of different healers, practictioners, etc to assist me on my journey to remission. I feel like many people have given up on me and just want me to accept my pain as a way of life. I tried that for the last two years and it didn’t change a thing. For people with chronic illness, there is no certainty. The onlycertainty is the inconsistently of my health. After doing research about what my next step will be, I decided I wanted to pursue FMT. If you have Ulcerative Colitis, or know someone who does, it is worth looking into. Fecal Microbiota Transplant is a procedure (or multiple) that is experimental and has not been approved by the FDA. Basically, it involves transferring normal bacteria contained in stool from healthy donors into the colon of the person with UC/IBD. This particular one I am doing is at UCSF and I’m the last to enter this study. It’s a 3 year study but actively I’ll be a year on my end. I will be blogging weekly to tell you all my journey and results. It’s exciting but there are risks to the study like any other treatment/procedure. That’s what scares me the most is the risk and also what the outcome is. I plan on taking extreme self-care during the months of the actual treatment. I want to relax, have fun and do things that I want to do times a million! I also want to share how I will repopulate my gut bacteria on this journey. This can include other treatments like acupuncture, which I already do, and of course lots of healing foods and supplements! The first meeting went well. I felt like the research coordinators knew what they were talking about. Although to be honest I have done so much research I was already prepared. I took lots of blood tests and I will finish with two more stool tests before they can schedule my first FMT. FMT is done via colonoscopy and then the third treatment is in capsule form. FMT has been credited for its’ results to cure C.Difficile. Doctors and researchers are hoping that it will soon be a treatment to help cure or put UC patients in remission. Here are some amazing blogs and articles if you are interested in FMT.