Week 2 on the trial: Found an infection!

My battle with finding the ‘culprit’ that resulted in Ulcerative Colitis has been such a long and hard one. Back in December of last year I tested positive for a bacteria called Aeromonas Hydrophilia. I used the Doctor’s Data Parasitology stool test. I was told by an integrative doctor that having that infection was ‘normal’ and it didn’t need to be treated. That was actually the first time I just listened and agreed to a doctor.

I was so wrong to ignore treating it. I put faith in my doctor and was failed. After my hospitalization in July from a severe flare up, I was DETERMINED to really get to the bottom of this disease and not just find out what works for it. Like I said, although I found relief after switching my diet, nothing ever seemed to work to put me into remission.

For the last three years, I only stopped bleeding for barely 2 whole weeks. Other than that, I have lived in pain with urgency, frequency, bloating, and joint pain. There were times I began to think I should accept this as my life (since this was after all how I was living). But deep in my heart, I just couldn’t. I longed for the days where I could and would feel healthy again.

If you’ve been following my weekly updates, you know that I am in a clinical trial for FMT. Last week I did blood and stool tests. Low and behold, my GI doctor immediately finding results of Aeromonas Hydrophilia emailed me and prescribed the antibiotic Ciprofloxin. I immediately did not hesitate to take this. Since July, I had been working with a practitioner to rid that bacteria using herbal supplements. My advice is that I do truly believe in functional medicine however, I do also believe in conventional medicine in such cases. It really takes a lot of time, patience, and research to be an advocate for yourself on your journey. I feel more empowered to make decisions. Anyway, I was also told today that the infection is RESISTANT. So he prescribed me a different kind of antibiotic. I just started it tonight. I am very hopeful and curious to see the outcome. Personally, I have no over usage of antibiotics so I am comfortable taking them right now.

My next step is to finish this round of antibiotics and test again before the FMT procedures. If you suffer from Ulcerative Colitis, my best advice is to inform yourself. Always do your own research. I made up my mind from day one that I will CURE this disease and I am hopeful.