When I envisioned this blog and website, I thought it would start about a year ago. I was ready for it but mentally I was blocked. I felt an immense amount of pressure and judgement from myself. I kept looking at blogs and judged that mine would never look like that. But I realized I was looking at the work that has been put in and built not the starting point. I knew I would have to start somewhere. I’m so excited that I’m actually posting. I hope you all want to join me on my journey.  

I’ve had Ulcerative Colitis for almost 3 years now. It’s been tough to say the least. I wish I could say I wrote down every feeling, every failure, every challenge, every mistake, and every experience down in the process. But physically, I didn’t. But that doesn’t mean I can still share with you all my journey. I will be posting weekly updates about my health and I will be adding past information in there as well. My goal to anyone reading this whether they have IBD or a chronic illness, or know someone that does, that they gain inspiration during their most difficult moments. I’ve been very alone and isolated in my journey. I don’t want anyone to have to feel that way. It’s such a hard place to be in to not understand your own health and wonder what is going on inside your body! People always say be grateful because you have your health but yet when you don’t they have no clue what to say. I’m very grateful for the state of my health. But, I know my journey to remission has been a long one and I’m not even close.


Sometimes my blog will be just rambling. Sometimes I’ll be very detailed about my health along with what I do for my own health, etc. I encourage everyone to write. If you are going through anything, writing is the best relief. I used to write poetry when I was very young, I was even published in a book. Then as a teenager it just went away. I guess I became too busy. Then in college I started to write again. Then I graduated and I stopped. But overall, I may not be consistent in my own journal writing but I do love to share my health, my soul, and be vulnerable. It’s part of the healing process. You gotta take the good with the bad. By the way, I won’t be editing anything in my blog. I don’t care to. So judge if you like but this isn’t academia. I already paid for my degree(s). haha. In the process of my master’s degree, it’s very different from my undergrad in sociology. Less and less writing. Nutrition is all about facts and memorization.


Oh and I have no clue or don’t have any care about how long or short my blog posts will be either. That’s the beauty of life. Nothing is certain, nothing is constant, it’s forever evolving. Part of my healing has been centered on my emotions. My experiences in my life in the last 3 years have been life changing. I have every intention of being honest about my experiences as well. It feeds my soul to share this. I hope you