Week 4: Still waiting results and frustration!

Hi All!


I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday! My week has been crazy to say the least but it’s always a rollercoaster! I’m STILL awaiting results from my last stool test. It never takes this long! I’m pretty skeptical as to why it’s taking so long. My doctor emailed me the other day and suggested I take another round of different anti-biotics just in case. But, I decided to wait for the results and also test again in one week.


It’s frustrating because my doctor now is encouraging any anti-biotics since he knows I am desperate to get this infection gone! Although he wants to be helpful, I still leave his office in tears every time. It’s frustrating when a doctor looks at you with zero compassion. It’s most likely because he is intimidated by how much I educate myself on my health even though he is the “expert” and I’m the one going to him!


I’ve been through 6 doctors in the past few years so right now I can’t afford (both time and money) to establish a new relationship with a new doctor. I may possibly have a consultation with one in mid-January but haven’t decided if I am up for it (emotionally). It’s emotionally DRAINING to deal with doctors, especially western medicine doctors.


Prednisone effects are in full force and have been. It took my body awhile to get the “moon face” but there it is! One thing is not to tell someone with a chronic illness that they ‘look good’. I’m fighting an INVISIBLE illness that you physically can’t see. It’s about how I feel on the inside. I don’t have one single person who genuinely asks me how I feel. I’m going to do a post on how to support yourself with a chronic illness or in general. I’ve lost people in my support system and ultimately feel alone other than with God and the online community!


I started working out again this week! I’m so proud of myself! My good friend suggested her gym and really motivated me to go! That’s what sets friends apart from fake people to me. I want friends who encourage me and actually ask me to do things with them so cheers to good friends who love us!