Updates! Week 5

This holiday weekend has been amazing! It’s been filled with so much love, light and energy! I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving filled with love and food and health! I made a vegan/gf pumpkin pie and an apple pie, roasted balsamic maple glazed carrots, and bacon wrapped sweet potato bites! I worked really hard mentally to prepare myself this holiday season. Since I’m going through heartbreaks of friendships and love lost, I knew I had to prepare myself!


Meditation has been part of my life and daily routine for the last two years. I start with a short morning meditation that is reiki healing based. I might expand on my meditations soon because I realize how much they mean to me! I end the night with a gratitude meditation. Both of them together are under 20 minutes so I always made sure to make time and not put pressure on myself. It’s all about my own way and this is what works for me!


I started to work out in the last 3 weeks and have been loving it! It’s huge for me. The last time I attempted to start working out more routinely was in early May. I was VERY SICK and I knew it but I pushed myself. Let me tell you that for me there was such a mind struggle between telling myself I am healing and also listening when I am actually not feeling good enough. My body was going through a flare then and I still didn’t listen and would work out then feel HORRIBLE after. I ignored it and then I ended up in the hospital in my first hospitalized flare which I know it contributed to. I work out 5 days a week now. I’m loving hiking, yoga (both home and class), and I started at a new dance studio!


I’m impatiently waiting to get an appointment at the Infectious Disease Clinic at Stanford. This is vital because they need to accurately re-test me for Aeromonas spp (the infection I’ve been battling for 10+ months, which was discovered through the FMT trial which has yet to fully start because I need to rid this infection!) The last “re-test” I took did not even test me for the infection again. I know this because I called the lab and also requested the results myself. Unfortunately, this has been the way I needed to do things to get my health under control for myself. Trust yourself first!


So as always my health journey and ongoing health issues has been complicated! But I’m very hopeful they will treat me and I will be on my way to healing my gut and colon! If any of you have questions about how to advocate and get “through” to doctors, please don’t every hesitate to reach out. My health journey has been FOUGHT for by my mom and I. And we won’t give up! So even if you feel alone or are alone, support is what you need! You just need one person in your corner!