Next Steps:Test Results!

I’m done with finals! I’ve been studying hard so I’m really excited to be on winter break! I haven’t done a weekly update since before Thanksgiving because there wasn’t anything to update on. I was waiting to go to the Infectious Disease clinic at Stanford in order to be properly retested for Aeromonas.


I just got the test results back yesterday and was told it was negative! To be honest I was hesitant at first to believe it because of the past 2 tests I took and found that the doctor actually never tested me for it. That’s why I urge so many people to trust their intuition and be your own advocate and triple check everything on your health journey.


I’m seeing an improvement in my symptoms after 3 years after taking antibiotics just last month! Imagine being “treated” for ulcerative colitis both conventional and integrative without seeing any improvement longer than a few days off and on for THREE FUCKING YEARS and then I take two rounds of antibiotics and the symptoms go away. Tell me that’s not a fucking coincidence?


I had bloody stools for the last 3 years in almost every bowel movement with pain. I was constantly fatigued, depleted of energy, and had almost zero focus. I pushed myself beyond the limit of what I should have all because I felt ashamed or made to feel it was “in my head” or worse, exaggerated by so many people. It’s already an awful feeling to not have your health.


I don’t know what my next steps will be to be honest. I’m just so grateful to not have bloody bowels, you have no idea! I’m going to think about it this weekend and decide if I want to go through with the FMT clinical trial. My number one reason for wanting to get it is because it was a last option for me to stop the bleeding. So it makes sense that since the bleeding has stopped, that I need to think about it.


I tried to heal my gut before finding the culprit and that wasn’t the best way to do it but it did help me to keep inflammation down to some extent. I can even handle drinking kombucha now when before I was super sick after a few sips because of the fermentation and sugar my gut was sensitive to it.


I want to focus on more healing with certain foods that I will try to remember to share. Even though school just ended, I’m really excited to start wellness coaching courses next year! I really am so proud of how far I’ve come with handling my health and also making choices for my future so that by the time I am 100% healthy, I can really enjoy my career and help others. I’ll keep you posted!