Week 3-FMT Trial

Last week I shared that they found A.Hydrophilia infection in my stool test. A few days later, I was informed they found numerous bacteria strains and the doctor switched me to a different antibiotic that is not resistant to the strain. It’s been a long battle with me fighting and PROVING what is actually wrong with me. Suffering is what I’ve been dealing with. In all aspects. I believe autoimmune disease especially IBD comes from a bacteria infection and then the body starts attacking that and eventually creates dysbiosis and attacks itself (in my case my colon).

That’s what is the most frustrating. For the last few years since my diagnosis, not much added up about having ulcerative colitis. I definitely have colitis (inflammation of the colon) but that can be caused by millions of different factors. To define it as an autoimmune disease is where it gets tricky. I don’t have ulcerations in my colon and I don’t have classic symptoms either. My case is complex and unique and I think it frustrates doctors I’ve worked with because of that. If they did find the culprit, I should have been healing right now or at least longer than a year ago. The amount of dedication I put into my health is insane to even me sometimes. I’ve changed my whole life for my health but it’s heartbreaking not to see results.

Next step is to retake another stool test (no worries, I’ve been doing them on and off for years now) and to see if the strain is gone (which I suspect it’s not since I still don’t feel well). Then I have a doctor’s appointment with my GI next week and we will see from there. I think starting the clinical trial has been a blessing because the bacteria showed up and my GI doctor is very very helpful right now (previously he wasn’t). Please reach out to me if you know someone who feels “crazy” for thinking they are sick and people are telling them they are not. No one KNOWS your BODY more than YOU. Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you aren’t “sick” or “it’s all in your head” because deep down if you know something is off, it is. 

Always go with your intuition!